Connie Brockway
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Bridal Favors

Bridal Favors


Ten years ago Justin Powell got caught in an embarrassing situation by 15-year-old Evelyn Whyte. As an honorable man Justin gave Evie an I.O.U. for a favor in exchange for her promise of silence.

Years later, when her aunt leaves Evie in charge of a wedding planning business, Evie makes a mess of every event. She has a chance to redeem herself—if she can rent Justin's home for the next wedding.

There is little Justin can do but appear amiable to having his home invaded by the wedding party. He must keep up his facade as a country gentlemen so no one discovers the double life he leads as a secret agent. Evie's propensity for trouble flairs just as enemy agents set loose running about and mayhem ensues. How can he save the alluring Evie from danger without compromising his mission?