Connie Brockway
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Bridal Season

The Bridal Season


Letty Potts was no fool. So the music hall actress flees her shady boyfriend, picks up a discarded ticket on the railway platform and heads for the out-of-the-way town of Little Bidewell, posing as Lady Agatha of Whytes Wedding Celebrations.

A consummate actress and a bit of a con woman, Letty falls into her role as a wedding planner and easily becomes part of the community.

Only the town's war hero, Sir Elliot March, watches her with a wary eye. Having given up on love, Elliot finds himself unwillingly attracted to free-thinking, outspoken Letty. But when Letty's scandalous past rears its ugly head their lives and newfound passion are threatened.

Music hall performer Letty Potts is the original sow's ear who turns herself into a silk purse. Burned out of her rooming house by her unscrupulous ex-boyfriend Nick Sparkle, Letty needs to get out of London--and fast. Opportunity presents itself in the form of a train ticket to Little Bidewell discarded by Lady Agatha Whyte, society wedding planner. Upon her arrival, Letty is mistaken for Lady Agatha by the Bigglesworth family who have hired her to make their daughter's wedding the event of the decade. Never one to let good fortune slip by her, Letty utilizes her acting talent to pass as a duke's daughter forced to earn a living as a wedding coordinator. Thoroughly enmeshed in prewedding preparations, Letty finds herself unable to hurt the Bigglesworths who have welcomed her--as Lady Agatha--so graciously and who need her so much. However, when it turns out that the Bigglesworths' neighbor, the oh-so-handsome, unquestionably honorable, and all too eligible Sir Elliot March, is also the local magistrate, Letty figures it's time to get out of Dodge, uh, Little Bidewell. The larcenous Letty is utterly astonished by her overwhelming attraction to the serious--and seriously sexy--Elliot. He, too, seems completely astounded by Letty's natural sensuality, which leaves Elliot prone to behave in a most ungentlemanly manner. To further complicate matters, who should appear in Little Bidewell but the notorious Nick Sparkle, who believes Letty's working a con and wants in on the take. When the jig is up and Letty must face the music, it is left to Elliot to investigate and possibly prosecute the woman he has fallen in love with and wants to marry.