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Cupid Cats

Cupid Cats


Katie MacAlister, Vicki Lewis Thompson, and Connie Brockway, Signet Eclipse, $7.99 (400p)
ISBN 978-0-451-23072-0

This playful collection ties together three romantic novelettes with the concept of a shelter named Cupid Cats, though the stories are unrelated and the featured shelters have nothing in common except the name. In MacAlister's "Unleashed," a heavy-handed, unexciting mythology of modern telepathic vampire shape-shifters and a ridiculous villain provide the setting for a romance between a werejaguar and a wildlife officer. Brockway's "Cat Scratch Fever" is a charming, gentle love story between a brainy, socially awkward shelter owner and a widower not sure he's ready to love again. Thompson's "A Cat's Game" is a classic, fun romance featuring a condom-toting, charismatic, magical cat from a New Age shelter who brings high school sweethearts back together. Fans of cats and romance will find this collection an enjoyable distraction. (July)
— Publisher's Weekly

Cat Scratch Fever by Connie Brockway is charming, touching, and my vote so far for best short story of 2010. Jim Curran is at Cupid Cats with his five-year-old daughter Chloe and, as he's trying to convince her that she doesn't really want the grizzled old ginger cat, the cleaning lady's tush catches his eye. When she turns around, she turns out to be Dr. Edith Handelman, his colleague and the director of Cupid Cats.

Edie and Jim have been silently interested in each other for a while, but Jim didn't want to encroach across boundaries and Edie has huge social handicaps to overcome. Edie was one of those child geniuses and never learned how to socialize; when she gets nervous, big words fly out of her mouth, and her honesty is more like tactlessness. But with the help of Chloe and a ginger cat, they get together in a heart-warming and lovely tale. Connie Brockway works her magic pen and creates fully-dimensional, sympathetic characters – which include Chloe, Jim's antagonistic sister, and Jim's late wife – in a tale that is almost guaranteed to bring the warm fuzzies.

Grade: A-
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