Connie Brockway
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A Dangerous Man

A Dangerous Man


"Connie Brockway's delightful characters and emotional story will surely captivate readers. Her refreshing dynamic characters and the heartfelt emotions she portrays are what make A DANGEROUS MAN special.
— SENSUAL (July, 400 pp., $5.99) Romantic Times

"Connie Brockway has written a stunning love story that is humorous, heart wrenching and hopelessly romantic. Hart Moreland is an attractive and brooding hero while Mercy Coltrane balances his carefully controlled persona with her free spirited, straightforward attitude. Ms. Brockway's writing is flawless and fast paced-- this is one book you won't want to put down until the very end!… Exceptional!"
— Literary Times

From Publishers Weekly:

After many years abroad, the mysterious and aloof Earl of Perth, Hart Moreland, returns to England for a house party celebrating the impending betrothal of his sister. When the outspoken and beautiful Mercy Coltrane appears on the scene, Hart knows he's in big trouble. It turns out that Mercy knows all about the elusive earl's past and, most importantly, remembers him from his Texas gun-slinging days?when he shot her. The witty, endearing heroine and the cool, dangerous hero may be romantic cliches, but Brockway (Promise Me Heaven) keeps the repartee fresh. Things slow a bit after the intriguing prologue, but the pace builds again to an exciting and well-planned finale.
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