Connie Brockway
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A Dangerous Man

A Dangerous Man


Mercy Coltrane, a brash young American woman, travels to England to search for her estranged brother. Strident in her quest, she seeks out the help of Hart Moreland, whom she knew years ago as Duke the Gunslinger, the hired gun her father enlisted to protect his land. Now Earl of Perth, Hart is back in his native England in a hard-earned position of respect and power, and the last thing he wants is a reminder of his dishonorable past. But Mercy Coltrane proves to be much more than just a painful reminder of the life he left behind. Vibrant, beautiful, and witty, Mercy embodies the life of happiness that Hart desperately craves. Connie Brockway is an author who understands the underlying fantasy of romance and dazzles readers with her emotional perception of love. She writes with keen intelligence about the most important desires of the human heart.

"After many years abroad, the mysterious and aloof Earl of Perth, Hart Moreland, returns to England for a house party celebrating the impending betrothal of his sister. When the outspoken and beautiful Mercy Coltrane appears on the scene, Hart knows he's in big trouble. It turns out that Mercy knows all about the elusive earl's past and, most importantly, remembers him from his Texas gun-slinging days?when he shot her. The witty, endearing heroine and the cool, dangerous hero may be romantic cliches, but Brockway (Promise Me Heaven) keeps the repartee fresh. Things slow a bit after the intriguing prologue, but the pace builds again to an exciting and well-planned finale."
— Publisher's Weekly

"Determined to find her missing brother, American heiress Mercy Coltrane arrives in England looking for the gunslinger she knew as Duke years before in the untamed West. Hart Moreland, now the Earl of Perth, has spent the intervening years garnering well-earned respect and power, finding suitable husbands for his sisters and hiding the truth of how he found the funds to reclaim and rebuild the family fortune. The last thing he wants is a reminder of his past. Mercy is not one to give up. Witty, charming and beautiful, she takes London by storm. Her brash American ways and wild tales of the West captivate the aristocracy, and make an enemy of Hart's younger sister who fears Mercy will snare her fiance. But all Mercy is really concerned with is locating her brother and bringing him home, and she'll get Hart to help even if she has to blackmail him. Hart finds that he has never forgotten the feisty girl he had to shoot in order to save her from a kidnapper, and now that she is a stunning, vivacious young woman, he finds it difficult not to be attracted to her. Torn between loyalty to his family, his passion and his fear of exposure, Hart finds himself drawn into Mercy's plans and when an unexpected enemy threatens their lives, he must choose between honor and love.