Connie Brockway
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Golden Season

Golden Season


Starred review from Library Journal

Overflowing with delicious wit, exceptionally well-developed, captivating protagonists, memorable supporting players, and a classic plot with brilliant new notes, this emotionally rich romance is one to be savored.

Booklist Starred Review

Feb 2010. 400 p. NAL, paperback, $7.99. (9780451412836).

Lydia Eastlake has been the toast of the town, but that is about to come to an abrupt end. In retrospect Lydia realizes she should have read the letters from her banker more carefully, but she never thought her considerable fortune would ever run out. Now she is left with one option if she doesn't want to learn how to economize: find a wealthy man to marry before word of her financial reversal gets out. After meeting kind and sexy Captain Ned Lockton, Lydia thinks she may have found her perfect match, but what she doesn't know is that Ned, whose own family is rapidly draining the ancestral coffers, is hunting for a spouse, too, and only heiresses need apply. RITA Award-winner Brockway works her own irresistible brand of alchemy by taking superbly complex characters and an enthralling plot spiced with unexpected twists and deftly spinning the whole thing into literary gold. Delightfully witty and dazzlingly imaginative.
— John Charles

'The Golden Season' by Connie Brockway. Onyx. $7.99.

When her fortune runs out, Lady Lydia Eastlake has one option if she wishes to retain her place in society: find a wealthy husband. Fortunately for Lydia, she has met the perfect candidate in the person of Captain Ned Lockton. What Lydia doesn't know is that Ned is in the same situation as she is since he needs to marry for money too! Brockway's latest wickedly sexy and wonderfully witty historical Regency is a guaranteed 24 karat good read.
The Chicago Tribune

Romance doesn't get much better than Connie Brockway's latest, The Golden Season. Society leader and celebrated beauty Lady Lydia Eastlake abruptly discovers her vast wealth is gone, meaning she'll need to marry a rich man in order to keep the only lifestyle she's ever known. She decides her husband hunt will have more success if she hides her financial straits, though she promises to reveal the truth before accepting a proposal. Enter handsome naval hero Captain Ned Lockton, scion of a wealthy, respected family. Their instant attraction is a surprise to them both, but a happy one, as Ned is also looking to wed. He hopes to find a rich bride, but he's keeping his own desperate circumstances to himself until the time is right. Alas, it's already too late for Lady Lydia and the captain. By the time they trade confessions, they're both in love and marriage appears impossible. Ned has a family to provide for and Lydia has no family at all—her position in high society is the only stability she knows. Readers' hearts will ache alongside Lydia's and Ned's. It's worth staying up all night for this happy ending.