Connie Brockway
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My Pleasure

My Pleasure


"The verbal fencing that goes on between the heroine and hero in RITA Award-winning Brockway's newest addition to her Rose Hunters trilogy is just one of the many delights in this luscious historical. Rich in subtle characterization, expertly spiced with danger, and generously imbued with a rapier sharp sense of wit, My Pleasure is simply superb."
— Booklist

There's nothing quite like reading those first few pages of a book and knowing immediately that you're in good hands. That's what my experience reading Connie Brockway's latest was like. With a few pages I knew My Pleasure was going to be an exceptionally good read. It was precisely that.

Exciting, romantic and deeply emotional, with a poignancy and sensuality unmatched this season, Brockway's tale is a pleasure to read. This superb romance will have you waiting eagerly for the next installment.