Connie Brockway
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My Seduction

My Seduction


"Readers who relish witty, outspoken, and slightly stubborn heroines, and dark, dangerous heroes possessed of a lethal form of grace, will find much to savor in … the first in a promising new trilogy. With this wonderfully complex, compelling Regency historical, Brockway demonstrates not only that she can fashion frothy romps, but that she is equally adept at crafting dark, edgy, and sublime romance."
— Booklist

(BROCKWAY'S)dynamic characters and her ability to pull readers into the story through sensory details make this a well-crafted, engaging read.

It was a sheer pleasure to watch their developing awareness teach both Kate and Kit to appreciate their own strengths as well as each other's. Their growing emotional bond added intensity and poignancy to a compelling physical attraction that Kit, in particular, fights to control. Ms. Brockway builds the sexual tension skillfully, so I enjoyed watching Kit struggle nearly as much as I did seeing him succumb.

If allowed to follow my own preferences, I'd have read this book in one sitting.

Complex in plot and character, THE PASSIONATE ONE is a mesmerizing non-stop read. Connie Brockway spins a tale tighter than a spider's web, luring readers deeper and deeper into a story where romance and history are perfectly blended. Readers will eagerly await the next novel.