Connie Brockway
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My Seduction

My Seduction


The first book in The Rose Hunters trilogy introduces an unforgettable cast of characters and a story to take to heart.

Kate Nash Blackburn, married and widowed within two years, also bears the responsibility of keeping herself and her two sisters out of poverty. When she finds the means to regain financial security, she heads for the Highlands. But her coach breaks down and she's stranded at a Scottish tavern. In desperation she accepts aid from Christian "Kit" MacNeill, a soldier returned from the wars and a member of a group known as the Rose Hunters, dedicated to helping the families of those who helped them escape from French prison.

On the trip, Kate and Kit discover a deep passion, but once they reach their destination, a treasure hunt, friends who may be foes and their love place them in grave circumstances.

Desperate to keep her two sisters and herself from the poorhouse, Kate Nash Blackburn embarks upon a journey to northern Scotland, where she hopes to gain the gratitude and patronage of a wealthy marquis. When fate maroons her at a tavern full of ruffians, a brawny Highland soldier comes to her rescue. It's Kit MacNeill, the man whose pledge to her family has haunted her for years. When he offers to escort Kate through the treacherous Highlands to Castle Parnell, she accepts even though her instincts warn her against trusting this rough and dangerous man. But soon Kate is startled by the Highlander's cultured speech and courtly manners. Who is this man of contradictions, shaped by a shadowy past, who fiercely wards off an attempt on her life, whose broad shoulders beckon her touch, and in whose arms she comes fully alive?