Connie Brockway
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My surrender

My surrender


Perfectly blending adventure, humor, passion, history and a dynamic hero and heroine, Brockway brings her trilogy to a rousing close. She makes it so easy to fall in love with dashing Dand and cheer daring Charlotte on that you'll enjoy surrendering your disbelief just to spend time with them.

*Starred Review* In order for her plan to work, Charlotte Nash needs Dand Ross to seduce her. Well, actually, all Charlotte needs is for polite society to believe that Dand has ruined her. Then Charlotte can take courtesan Ginny Mulgrew's place as the latest acquisition of the Comte St. Lyon, a French loyalist and noted collector of art, books, and beautiful women. Once installed in his Scottish castle, Charlotte intends to do her part for British espionage by stealing a politically sensitive letter. Even though Charlotte logically knows the passionate romance that unfurls between her and Dand is nothing but a carefully choreographed dance of public seduction, she realizes that she neglected to plan for falling in love. This brings RITA Award-winning Brockway's Rose Hunters trilogy to a truly fabulous conclusion. By brilliantly blending an exquisitely sensual romance between two deliciously stubborn individuals into a plot rife with danger, deception, and desire, and then wrapping the whole thing up in wickedly witty and elegant writing, Brockway deftly demonstrates her gift for creating richly imagined, completely irresistible love stories.

I loved the earlier books in this trilogy, and My Surrender brings the series to a wonderful close. I am going to re-read this series soon, since I know I will get a lot more out of it. Fans of good, meaty historical romances - don't walk, run and get this one.