Connie Brockway
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The Passionate One

The Passionate One


"An undercurrent of danger ripples through this exquisite romance, set in the 1700s, and Brockway's lush, lyrical writing style is a perfect match for her vivid characters, beautifully atmospheric settings, and sensuous love scenes. Readers will be delighted to learn that McClairen's Isle is the first in a trilogy featuring the Merrick siblings. "
— Library Journal

"This is a glorious book, wonderful reading."
— Romance Reviews

Skullduggery, bitter English-Scottish hatreds and harrowing cat-and-mouse pursuits fill the ebb and flow of this 18th-century romance, the first volume of the McClairen's Isle trilogy by veteran romance writer Brockway.

Complex in plot and character, THE PASSIONATE ONE is a mesmerizing non-stop read. Connie Brockway spins a tale tighter than a spider's web, luring readers deeper and deeper into a story where romance and history are perfectly blended. Readers will eagerly await the next novel.