Connie Brockway
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The Passionate One

The Passionate One


They are the Merricks, two brothers and a sister, restless, daring, proud. English by birth, they came to Scotland with their father to occupy McClairen lands. And there each would find a love as wild and glorious as the Highland isle they claimed as their own.

Fia, the only daughter, is the ravishing one. Raine, the second son, is the reckless one. Ashton is the eldest son. This is his story. . . .

The Passionate One

He was a notorious rogue with a reputation for hell-raising and heartbreaking. But family secrets forced Ashton Merrick to do his ruthless father's bidding--and escort Rhiannon Russell back to McClairen's Isle. Ash suspected that his father intended to make the innocent beauty his fourth wife. But he didn't expect the passions she would ignite in his own wary heart.

With THE PASSIONATE ONE, Connie Brockway begins a breathtaking trilogy that brings us the McClairens of Wanton's Blush, a magnificent home on a majestic isle off Scotland's coast; a house of intrigue, hostility and bitterness for two brothers and their sister.

"Despise" is a strong word, but it is how Ash Merrick feels about his father. In exchange for money he'll use to free his brother from prison, Ash must escort Rhiannon Russell to the isle so that his father can make her his fourth wife.

Ash finds Rhiannon to be beautiful, happy and about to be wed; something that will put her out of his ruthless father's reach. Ash is secretly pleased to see the plans thwarted, but he cannot deny the searing attraction he feels for Rhiannon--passions that explode on Beltane, the eve of her wedding.

When it appears that someone wants Rhiannon dead, Ash carries her away to McClairen's Isle, wondering if he is bringing her to a sanctuary or a prison. Intrigue and danger follow and even the growing love between them cannot stop a vengeful killer.