Connie Brockway
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The Ravishing One

The Ravishing One


"Connie Brockway has saved the best for last… any reader who appreciates richly textured characters who triumph over great odds to find love and happiness will want to read The Ravishing One."
— The Romance Reader

"I have been impatiently waiting for The Ravishing One since I first met Fia, wondering how Ms. Brockway was going to turn a spoiled bad girl, raised by a treacherous father, into a heroine Id like. With her … marvelous gift for storytelling, she has given us an unforgettable, empowered woman to admire and a keeper for our bookshelves. Bravo!"
— Romantic Times

Connie Brockway's third story in the McClairen Isle trilogy rises to a crescendo note of wit and sizzling, confident storytelling that makes the McClairens a family you want to come alive on the page again and again.